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WPVM 103.7 The Voice of Ashville Radio Interview

With Abbey the Spoon Lady


Abbey: Where Are You From?

Ruby: I'm from Northern Kentucky. Most of my childhood was spent in Ludlow and I graduated  from Ludlow High School. I spent one year in Verona and went to Walton Verona High School.

Abbey: How long have you been playing music and Performing?

Ruby: I started playing guitar somewhere around 12 years old. So that would give me about 45 years of playing

Abbey: How did you get started in music?

 Ruby:  My mom remarried when I was about 12 and my stepdad played the guitar and had his own band. I thought he was great. He started teaching me to play and eventually I played with him in his band.

Abbey: Do you have any formal training?

Ruby:  I played saxophone in the High school band, but I didn't take it too seriously. As for the guitar I picked it up from other players and what I could figure out for myself listening to records. And my stepdad, Paul, was always there to help. I did have a few lessons after I was older but I wouldn't call them formal. I still occasionally take a lesson from someone that plays a different instrument like banjo or piano just to get ideas.


Abbey: Who do you consider your biggest influences? 

Ruby:  My influences are not big stars. When I was young, Like all guitar players my age I liked Eddie Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Kiss. I liked all of the rock music and the guitarists of the day.  But I also liked Hee Haw, The fifties groups, early country and bluegrass and I did my best to copy what they were doing. But my favorite players were Paul, my step dad, Dillard Anderson and Scottie Anderson. Those three are where I learned the most. The trick is to learn all you can from everyone you can, then forget it all and be yourself. Now I play however I feel like playing. 

Abbey: I have heard some of your original music. Do you consider yourself a songwriter?

Ruby: I am a songwriter to some degree. I wouldn't call myself prolific. I only write songs that seem to appear out of thin air. I don't know where they come from. I can just be driving along or sitting doing nothing and a song will just pop into my head. It's unpredictable.

 I like all of my songs. To me, they are as good as any other songs out there. It all in what you like.

Abbey: I'm sorry but I have to ask, Is Ruby your real name?

Ruby: Ruby Deagon, That is my great grandmother's name. I just thought that it would be fun to use her name. So many entertainers have stage names separate from their given name.

Abbey: I tried to find some of your work on the internet but I only found a few things here and there. Do you have a record or album?

 Ruby: No, as much as I have thought about it I have not produced an album. I have attempted it a few times at home with no success. I have been in the studio but it is very expensive and time consuming.Unfortunately I have other demands on my time.

Abbey: How do you describe your style of music? What kind of music do you play?

Ruby: That is a question that comes up alot. “ What kind of music do you play?” I say I'm a Rock-N -Roll player but I think that most people view me as a country player. That's because they are not listening to me right. Country can be Rock and Rock can be Country depending on the drive and the feel or the intention. A large part of my show is taking the rock songs that I grew up with and playing them in my own way and making them my own. Most of the time the comments are good and often I'm told that I have improved the songs. But sometimes I get someone that dont like what I do. The good thing is that I'm not playing for them, I'm playing for myself. Ultimately that is where a musician needs to be.”Play for yourself and hopefully the audience will come along”

Abbey: What are your plans for the future?

Ruby: I have no real plans. Ill just keep playing music. I play a few gigs, write a song when it comes to me and give a few lessons here and there. The goal has always been to try to play the guitar as well as I can. I enjoy whatever comes along. However I have been talking with some producers trying to work out the details of recording all of my original music.


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Ruby Deagon at the Blind Lemon. Cincinnati, Ohio

The Blind Lemon

Cincinnati, Ohio