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About Ruby 

Ruby Deagon is the alter ego of Kentucky born guitarist, songwriter, and singer Richard E. Adams, whose career spans over 40 years.

As a solo performer, Ruby incorporates all music styles and genres into every performance; using a unique type of thumb/finger style  guitar playing that combines bass-line, melody, and harmony while simultaneously using the thumb and all four fingers on the right hand. The resulting sound is that of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, percussion, and base; what Ruby calls ‘hillbilly music’.

Although self taught, with no formal training, his natural music ability, distinctive playing style, and charisma draws a crowd wherever he is playing. By age 13, Ruby was working as a musician in local clubs, bars, and venues. Later as an accomplished guitarist, he became influenced by the Kentucky thumbstyle guitar playing of his hometown guitar heros and has since mastered the style.

Ruby’s musical style combines alt-country, rock,blues, and old-time standards. He is able to reinterpret cover songs and make them into his own definitive version. His vocal style is not over sung and has a notable southern sound.  As a songwriter, Ruby’s lyric content is often about real life and he stays away from pandering the typical lines and topics heard in mainstream music.

With his unique guitar playing and a performance that features one of a kind cover songs and original music, Ruby offers a fresh approach to the usual solo guitar act.


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Press Photos

Ruby Deagon at the Blind Lemon. Cincinnati, Ohio

The Blind Lemon

Cincinnati, Ohio